Link Technology is
a group of professional engineers
specializing in various fields.

We provide our customers with cutting-edge technology in every field, from business processing applications and public systems to communication and built-in controls. We constantly pursue reform with thorough professionalism and work to create markets, moving ever forward.

Cutting-edge technology by professional engineers.

  • System Development Utilizing Web Technology

    System Development Utilizing Web Technology

    We are engaged in the development of a wide range of systems, from various business systems used by companies (sales management, customer management, accounting and personnel/payroll) to online service systems used by the public (reservations, mail order and content services).

  • Network Communications / Control

    Network Comunications / Control

    We are engaged in R&D on communications technology to allow safe, high-speed, stable and easy Internet access from computers and mobile phones.

  • Infrastructure Design / Development

    Interface Design / Development

    We build network infrastructures combining file, database, application and various other servers according to the business and size of the company.

  • Built-in Controls for Manufacturers

    Built-in Controls for Manufacturers

    We develop control programs to conveniently, safely and precisely operate familiar household appliances, public service equipment, production machinery at plants, etc.

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