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Totalizator System Development

We are engaged in the development and building of various systems for state-controlled games like horse racing and keirin and, in recent years, by providing high-quality systems through the development of applications that support new styles of competition and betting, such as online betting and multiple-win betting.

High reliability and high quality are always required, and we address the needs of various customers with the know-how and skills of our employees.

Sales office: Tokyo Head Office

Amusement Web System

We develop members-only PC and mobile SNS websites linked to karaoke on demand. Utilizing frameworks and other cutting-edge development technologies, we engage in efficient development.

Sales office: Tokyo Head Office

Network Communications Equipment Drivers

We develop built-in firmware and drivers for routers and other devices. We were among the first to incorporate communications infrastructure technology to support the cloud and have highly specialized engineers.

Sales office(s): Fukuoka Office Kumamoto Office

Development Support for Various Business Processing Applications and Package Solutions

We are engaged in the development of business applications using cutting-edge frameworks employing web technologies and various packaged solutions.

Sales office(s): Fukuoka Office Kumamoto Office

Development of Applications for Industry

In order to ensure quality that will satisfy our customers in development of built-in software related to automatic wicket machines and semiconductor manufacturing equipment, production control systems, etc., we provide our engineers with specialist and technical education, always going about our business with an awareness of customer satisfaction.

Sales office: Kumamoto Office

Collaboration with Trio System Plans

We collaborate with Trio System Plans and group companies, not only in sharing personnel and tasks but also in joint development and exchanging of knowledge and technology considering synergy from a technical standpoint.

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